These days stars will do just about anything to publicize their movies. Still it was a surprise that triple Oscar winner Meryl Streep on behalf of Hope Springs would agree to appear on Bravo embarrassment Andy Cohen‘s awful talk show Watch What Happens Live. She looked terrified the whole time. But when she was able to get a word in edgewise (which wasn’t often, Cohen being the ego-out-of-control brat he is), Streep answered a range of stupid questions during the half-hour that nevertheless gave some rare insight into what she really thinks of her various co-stars over the years.

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She began the show joking that her bandaged hand was injured “trying to direct Tommy Lee Jones in a sex scene”. Presented with choices of Jack Nicholson (Heartburn), Robert Redford (Out Of Africa), and Dustin Hoffman (Kramer vs Kramer), then forced to marry one, shag one, and kill one, Streep replied that she’d marry Bob, shag Jack, and kill Dustin.  Asked for the first thing that came to mind when looking at the photos of more co-stars, Streep replied “Take off your sunglasses” to Nicholson, “Infallible” to Jones, “The King” to Clint Eastwood (Bridges Of Madison County), “Surprisingly good actress” to Roseanne Barr (She-Devil), “She’s right” to Shirley MacLaine. And when co-star Lindsay Lohan’s name came up for the little seen A Prairie Home Companion, Streep said softly, “Aw, I pray for Lindsay.” Asked to name one bad film she made, Streep replied Still Of The Night. Asked to pick a character she’d like to play, Streep responded, “Susan B. Anthony”. And asked to name her most psychologically demanding or draining role, the actress cited “All the award shows. My mother says, ‘Just put the dress on and go. People would give their left arm to be there. Shut up and go.'”

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