EXCLUSIVE: Hot off the presses — Lionsgate has optioned the book Take A Shot! The Remarkable Story Of Perseverance, Friendship And A Really Crazy Adventure, released by Hay House last Wednesday. The book by bestselling author Jake Steinfeld and Dave Morrow, co-founders of Major League Lacrosse, will be adapted into a drama series project.

Described as Moneyball meets The Hangover, Take A Shot! chronicles MLL’s creation. It tells the story of three men from vastly different worlds- Jake, the brash Hollywood fitness icon and driving force behind MLL; Dave, a shy Ivy Leaguer from blue-collar Detroit and the ultimate fish out of water who ultimately becomes a success story in his own right; and Tim Robertson, the son of a televangelist and a multimedia mogul-who teamed up to try the impossible: start a professional sports league at a time when other leagues were crashing and burning around them. The book chronicles the true story of their search for investors and team owners, the setbacks along the way and the emotional and triumphant debut of Major League Lacrosse, the first professional outdoor lacrosse league. “Jake tells a riveting story that we believe can translate into equally compelling television programming consistent with the Lionsgate brand,” said Lionsgate TV Group President Kevin Beggs and Lionsgate TV COO Sandra Stern.

In addition to being the founder of Major League Lacrosse, Steinfeld is an entrepreneur who built the Body by Jake Global brand and launched 24-hour fitness and lifestyle cable network FiT TV. Morrow is a former All-American lacrosse player and founder of Warrior Sports.