Katie Couric chose her words carefully in an interview with Good Housekeeping when asked about her experience at CBS while anchor and managing editor of the CBS Evening News. While proud of the work she did, Couric said she knew it wasn’t where she would finish her career. “It wasn’t the right environment for me. In terms of the atmosphere, it wasn’t a good fit for my sensibilities and personality”, she said. She described feeling “constrained” during her time there and “liberated” when she left the network after five years. “I’m not a quitter. There were times when I thought to myself, Gee, do I need this? But I thought, You know what? I can do this job as well as anyone. If people are projecting their own issues onto me, that’s not my problem”, she added. Couric gave up her co-anchor seat next to Matt Lauer after 15 years on NBC’s Today to take the CBS gig. She’s returning to television next month with the premiere of her new daytime talk show Katie.