EXCLUSIVE: Editors Guild National Organizer Rob Callahan told Deadline tonight that editors for Mission Control Media-produced Hot Set who walked off the job because they wanted to an Editors Guild/IATSE Local 700 union contract have settled. The deal came just as the new reality show was facing an air date on Syfy of September 18th so any more delays beyond the 3 days were going to affect the premiere. Callahan said the editors were employed by Burbank-based Blueprint Post Production without health or retirement benefits. Also, assistant editors were receiving pay rates well below union scale, Callahan said. A picket line for the 11-member crew was set up outside Blueprint’s offices for 3 days and production was halted on the show. In addition editors who work under an IATSE Local 700 union contract on another Mission Control show, Face Off, refused to cross the picket line and delayed their show, too. Tonight, Callahan issued this statement about the settlement:

The courageous sisters and brothers of the Hot Set editorial crew will return to work on Monday with employer-paid health and retirement benefits! They walked off their jobs at Blueprint Post on Wednesday, and, after three days of picketing in the Burbank sun, won an agreement to ensure that postproduction on Hot Set will be done union. Kudos to the crew for the bravery they demonstrated in this fight. They stood up for themselves and for one another, and, in so doing, they took a stand for all editors and assistant editors working in reality television.

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When Syfy at its upfront presentation picked up five new reality series, Hot Set was one of them, an extreme design challenge for Hollywood production designers to create original movie sets. Its executive producers are Michael Agbabian and Dwight Smith and Mission Control Media who also produce Face Off, a special effects competition series renewed for a 3rd season. Syfy would tell Deadline only, ‘This is a labor dispute involving the supplier of the program.”

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