With the London Summer Olympics  in full swing, this was another stellar week for Team USA, the U.S. Olympic Team’s YouTube channel. It gained 3.1M views for a total of nearly 4M in the week that ended August 8 — leaping 20 slots to No. 6 on Deadline.com’s weekly rankings of Google-funded YouTube channels. Olympics fans also turned to videos on WSJ Digital Network, which gained 1.7M views for a total of 2.5M and jumped 18 spots to No. 10. Another stand out this week: Hispanic pop culture channel Nuevon scored with a comedy video, Colibritany – Mi Sexy Chambelán, as well as an appearance by Modern Family‘s Sofia Vergara on her son Manolo’s web series “Mi Vida con Toty.” The total views this week retreated 4% to 77.8M, with the top 10 channels accounting for 52%. Team USA and WSJ Digital Network joined the group as two channels dropped three slots: Shut Up Cartoons to No. 11 and Noisey to No. 13.

In addition to Team USA and WSJ Digital Network, channels seeing the biggest gains in views this week included: Vice (+1.3M to 3.4M), NOC (+1.1M to nearly 2M), Nuevon (+576,278 to 870,198), Motor Trend (+570,155 to 5.6M), and Clevver News (+566,326 to 2.1M). The high achievers by rank include: DS2DIO (+24 to No. 34), Nuevon (+20 to No. 24), Team USA, 123 Uno Dos Tres (+19 to No. 45), and WSJ Digital Network. Channels seeing the biggest drop in views: Sourcefed (-4.2M to 4.5M), The Warner Sound (-2.7M to 6.6M), WWE Fan Nation (-1.6M to 4.4M), Deadline.com parent Penske Media’s ENTV (-718, 069 to 4.1M), and My Damn Channel (-679,576 to 201,173). Those falling most by rank: My Damn Channel (-29 to No. 53), Wigs (-23 to No. 64), Pop Spot (-19 to No. 81), Clevver Style (-14 to No. 63 and Bleacher Report (-12 to No. 48).

VidStatsX supplies our data with one exception: YouTube provides views for the shows it funds on Mondo Media. Channels highlighted in beige are the ones that were launched before Google introduced its original channels program in November. Here’s our latest ranking: