YouTube Deadline RankingsHelped by its coverage of the Euro 2012 football festival, soccer service KickTV scored during the week that ended July 4 with more than 1M views (+908,518), leaping 41 slots to No. 18. But there was also a lot of shifting around among the top 10 channels, which accounted for 56% of the week’s 72.5M views in the YouTube-funded channels we track. Motor Trend, Noisey, and Vice made substantial gains to join the group. AwesomenessTV was up in views (+440,660 to nearly 2M) but not enough to keep it from sliding three places to No. 11. YOMYOMF and Wigs also dropped out of the top 10 after losing views.

The week’s top gainers measured by views were Deadline parent Penske Media Corp’s ENTV (+2.8M to 5.1M), WWE Fan Nation (+2.4M to 4.4M), Redbull (+1.9M to 3.3M), Motor Trend (+1.7M to 2.7M), and Sourcefed (+1.7M to 6.4M). In addition to KickTV, the channels rising fastest up the chart were Machinima Prime (+33 to No. 69), Thnkr (+29 to No. 65), The Pet Collective (+28 to No. 14), Network A (+27 to No. 34), and WSJ Digital Network (+18 to No. 30). Those recording the biggest drops in views were No. 1 channel The Warner Sound (-1.5M to 8.4M), Wigs (-1.3M to 1.1M), Shut Up Cartoons (-847,773 to 3.6M), The Thrash Lab (-830,720 to 159,537), and Mondo Media (-392,826 to 868,408). Falling in rank were The Thrash Lab (-46 to No. 61), NOC (-33 to No. 95), Nuevon (-32 to No. 60), Numberphile (-28 to No. 47), and Black Box TV (-24 to No. 64).

VidStatsX supplies our data with one exception: YouTube provides views for the shows it funds on Mondo Media. Channels highlighted in beige are the ones that were launched before Google introduced its original channels program in November. Here’s our latest ranking: