Marissa MayerThe numbers in an SEC filing this evening are amazing — even if they don’t approach the astronomical outlays we so frequently see at Big Media companies including Viacom, Discovery, Disney, and News Corp. Yahoo’s new CEO will receive a base salary of $1M, an annual bonus targeted at $2M based on Yahoo’s financial performance, an equity award for 2012 of $6M (vesting over three years), and a $6M stock option (vesting over 2 and a half years). There’s also a one-time retention award with $15M in restricted stock that vests over five years, plus a $15M performance-based stock option vesting over 4 and a half years. To partially compensate Mayer “for forfeiture of compensation from her previous employer” Yahoo is giving her restricted stock worth $14M that will vest through 2014. Mayer will get 20 vacation days a year, up to $25,000 to reimburse her for the legal expenses incurred for the agreement, as well as $50,000 a year to pay for security. She’d better watch out, though. “Ms. Mayer’s bonuses and equity grants will be subject to the Company’s ‘clawback’ policies as in effect from time to time” the document says.

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