British athletes just can’t seem to catch a break, but broadcasters continue to reap rewards from those taking part in major sporting events. Euro 2012 gave BBC One and ITV1 strong ratings (even after England lost to Italy in the quarterfinals) and on Sunday, BBC One scored with Andy Murray’s Wimbledon final loss to Roger Federer. At a peak, 16.9M viewers tuned in to the four-set match as Scotsman Murray, the first Brit to reach the finals at Wimbledon since Bunny Austin in 1938, lost to Federer, who tied Pete Sampras’ record for 7 wins on the venerable grass courts. According to The Guardian, the 16.9M peak, a 67.9% market share, was the biggest audience since at least 1990 and set a record for a British player. On average, 11.4M watched BBC One’s more than 5 hours of Wimbledon coverage on Sunday for 58% of the audience.