Warner Bros Studio Spending BurbankLooks like Warner Bros is very good for business — if you are in LA County. According to figures released by the studio, Warner Bros spent $4.08 billion in the region in 2010. The money, first reported by the LA Times, broke down to $2.4 billion on pay to LA County citizens and $1.58 billion on goods and services. Broken down to specifics: It spent $18 million locally on adverting material; $3.4 million on building supplies; $2.4 million on catering and other food; and, getting back in production directly, $142.5 million on editing and postproduction services. Overall, Warner Bros spent $550 million in Burbank alone. The 2010 total is up from the $3.93 billion Warner Bros spent locally in 2006 and the $3.16 billion in 1999.

A source tells Deadline that the research data was released in part to show politicians debating tax incentives for filming in California just how much a studio like Warner Bros contributes to the city and the area. A two-year extension of California’s $100 million annual state incentive is moving its way through the Sacramento legislature. There are an estimated 9,889,056 people living in LA County, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Despite layoffs and a drop in film production (from 22 films made on Warner Bros’ Burbank lot in 2006 to 10 in 2011), increased TV production — especially on cable and WBTV’s own shows — led payroll, staying mostly flat with 2006 and contributing to the overall growth. Currently, Warner Bros has about 11,000 people working at its Burbank location.