Tim Burton collaborated with Dick Zanuck on six films, most recently on Dark Shadows, which was released by Warner Bros in May. Deadline just received this statement from him.

I’m in shock and heartbroken at the news of Richard Zanuck’s passing. He was like family to me – a mentor, friend and father figure. Richard was a completely unique and amazing individual and there will never be anyone else like him. I’m too sad to speak more about it right now and need some time to mourn.

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Others in Hollywood also are weighing in. Here’s a statement from PGA Presidents Hawk Koch and Mark Gordon:

“Richard’s death is a terrible tragedy and a loss for our industry. As a producer, he was known for his passion, his vision, and his astounding body of work. He has always been an ardent supporter of the Producer’s Guild. He was a dear friend to us and we will miss him deeply.”

(Photo: Getty Images)