Starz Incursion Vlad DraculaStarz said today that it is in development on two original series projects from familiar folks: a sci-fi action thriller from Spartacus creator Steven S. DeKnight via his overall deal at the network and another from the team of J Michael Straczynski, Roy Lee and Spartacus producer Rob Tapert titled Vlad Dracula. That means the network is staying in business with the team behind Spartacus, one of its most successful franchises that is ending its run next year.

DeKnight’s Incursion follows a squad of soldiers caught in a war against a hostile alien race. Each season the battle will be fought on a new, exotic planet as humanity punches deeper into enemy territory. Vlad Dracula, meanwhile, will blend historical facts of the 15th century Prince of Wallachia with the fictional Dracula, tracing his evolution from a revered ruler to the world’s most feared vampire. “Steven DeKnight, J. Michael Straczynski, Roy Lee and Rob Tapert are legendary talents, having created some of the most groundbreaking and iconic television series with incredibly passionate fan bases the world over”, Starz Managing Director Carmi Zlotnik said. “We are thrilled to work with such sophisticated auteurs and producers as we grow the slate of unique Starz original series.”

The final chapter in the Spartacus franchise, Spartacus: War Of The Damned, is set to premiere in January. DeKnight and the network announced last month that they decided to end the series after three seasons.