G4’s Attack Of The Show has been hit by attack of the producers. Three segment producers (two former and one current) are bringing a class action suit (read it here) against the G4 Network and its owner NBCUniversal Media over pay, classification and unfair business practices on the live daily tech and pop culture show. The action is being launched by Sean Jordan, Bruce Greene and Yaniv Fituci on behalf of the group. They say the network intentionally misclassified them and others as exempt to not pay “all the wages to which they were and are entitled under federal and California law” when they worked over 40 hours a week.

The three, who are seeking a five- to seven-day jury trial, claim that, among other infractions, they were denied breaks and forced to drive 120 miles back home from a location shoot because the network wouldn’t pay for hotel rooms. They also claim that just last month one of the show’s executive producers “made a point of chastising” Jordan, who still works for G4, about requesting the show to hire more people to meet the increasing work load. They also allege that G4 and NBCUniversal not only failed to maintain accurate payrolls and withheld wages but “committed unfair business in an effort to increase profits and to gain an unfair business advantage at the expense of Plaintiffs and others similarly situated and the public.” They are seeking “restitution of all monies due to Plaintiffs and the members of the plaintiff class” as “penalties pursuant to California Labor Code Sections and various legal fees. The proposed suit also cites unnamed Defendants who acted on behalf of G4 and NBC. Green and Fituci left Attack Of The Show in 2011 after four years. Jordan joined the show in 2006 and is still there. Carol L. Gillam and Annette Salazar-Shreibati of LA’s Gillam Law Firm represent the trio.

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