Kevin Costner alleges Morgan Creek Productions reneged on its promise to share profits from the 1991 film that grossed over $390 million worldwide and tens of millions more from television, home video and other sources, according to the lawsuit filed today in LA Superior Court (read it here). His allegations include breach of contract and fraud. Costner minces no words in the introduction of the lawsuit. It reads” “Every actor hopes to star in a great movie that makes substantial profits. But if you’re hoping to earn profits based on the success of your film and you want to be paid on a timely basis, then one company you certainly do not want to do business with is Defendant Morgan Creek Productions”. In the suit, Costner claims Morgan Creek “intentionally concealed information and employed inaccurate and improper accounting practices designed to deprive Mr. Costner of his backend participation”. According to the complaint, Costner was entitled to 12.5% of the adjusted gross receipts of the picture in excess of $60 million and 15% of the AGR in excess of $100 million. A message was left after business hours with Morgan Creek Productions for comment. The suit seeks unspecified general and punitive damages and court costs.