Ray Richmond contributes to Deadline’s TV coverage.

Jimmy Kimmel, flanked by Primetime Emmy exec producer Don Mischer and TV Academy chairman and CEO Bruce Rosenblum, says he has the modest goal as this year’s awards show host of simply not disappearing from the telecast for lengthy periods of time. “I’d like to be part of the show throughout”, he said this afternoon during a TCA panel on the September show. “It would be nice to be able to comment on things as they’re happening. Hopefully I’ll be able to insert myself in the entirety of the broadcast”. That was as close as anyone came to divulging specifics, other than expressing that it would be much easier to put on an entertaining telecast if they didn’t have to hand out a whopping 26 awards. “We want to keep the show really fast-paced and really funny”, Mischer expressed. Kimmel joked that the most economical way to meet that objective would be to “load all of the awards into a t-shirt cannon and fire them into the audience”. But Kimmel expressed that he isn’t feeling any nerves in anticipation of his first Emmy hosting gig — certainly not as many as he felt prior to his April gig fronting the White House Correspondents Dinner in Washington, D.C, in April. “I think I’m more comfortable in front of an audience of shallow Hollywood stars”, he concluded.

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There were also questions during the session about why shows like FX’s American Horror Story that are perceived by many as drama series would be permitted to compete in the miniseries category, which Horror Story was nominated in this year. “It’s a category that we watch carefully,” maintained Rosenblum. “In the case of American Horror Story, the Board of Governors clearly felt the show belonged in the movie/miniseries category”. That supplied Kimmel an opening. “Let’s face it, it’s not a miniseries”, he joked. “Let’s talk about the Modern Family negotiations. They want to be paid to attend the Emmys. Pretty shocking stuff”. Later, he added, “Heck, I’m going to try to qualify as a miniseries next year. I mean, it seems like a soft category”.  Kimmel also dismissed questions about whether Matt Damon or Oprah Winfrey would be part of the Emmycast. Of Damon, he said he has “no plans to incorporate him into any aspect of my life”.  But he and Oprah are evidently in close touch. “It’s a constant dialogue”, he said, seemingly in jest. “She calls me her new Gayle”.