Diane Haithman contributes to Deadline’s TV coverage.

Jimmy Fallon, executive producer of the new NBC comedy Guys With Kids, made an appearance via satellite on the panel for the show today at the TCAs. “I feel like I’m doing a Dateline. I feel like Lester Holt,” Fallon joked (live on the panel, executive producer Amy Ozols confirmed the New York-based Fallon also “joined casting meetings that way”). Guys With Kids TCAFallon said he and Ozols were inspired to do the show by seeing great-looking young dads out and about in New York with their Baby Bjorns, toting kids and taking an active role in parenting. They were “DILFs — if you know what a MILF is,” Fallon said. He jokingly added that the producers, when pitching the show, knew “Yeah, we probably can’t call the show DILFs. We’ll have to change that.”

As previously announced, NBC will sneak the freshman comedy after the penultimate episode of America’s Got Talent on September 12. The show is set in New York but shot in Los Angeles.

Fallon described the “DILFs” as dads who wonder at a baseball game “how to make a diaper out of a hot dog wrapper and a napkin.” He added that with this show producers are trying to bring back the multicam sitcom in the tradition of Family Ties, citing the success of CBS’ The Big Bang Theory. He also discussed the appearance of Kareem Abdul Jabbar (shhh, it’s a secret) as a guest star in the pilot. “He killed,” Fallon said. “You’ve seen him in Airplane. I’d love to have him back, and have him have a heart-to-heart with a baby. He’s a very tall man.”

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