Diane Haithman is contributing to Deadline’s TV coverage.

Mamie Gummer Emily Owens MDAt today’s CW panel on its new procedural drama Emily Owens M.D., executive producer Jennie Snyder Urman said that the show starring Mamie Gummer will be a traditional procedural despite its comic elements. “I guess I wanted to do a procedural, I’ve been in a more soapy landscape for a while,” said Urman, whose credits include The Gilmore Girls, Lipstick Jungle and 90210. After the session, she added that the CW wanted to “expand the brand” by adding procedurals, and said she hoped the show would bring together the elements of both procedural and soap with a young characters for the CW’s target audience of adults 18-34.

Gummer’s Dr. Owens is a high school nerd who grew up to be a highly competent doctor but still feels like a dork. In fact, Gummer and Snyder conceded that the popular term “adorkable” would apply to this character. However, Snyder said she definitely sees the show as more drama than a medical comedy like Scrubs or Doogie Howser M.D. “I love Scrubs and Doogie Howser but I don’t think they [had medical cases] as intense as our cases are going to be each week; it feels like a different kind of show,” she said. She also said that the show would be graphic when necessary. “To me, going for it medically is important, it grounds it, these are real situations,” she said. “If it’s too light, I don’t think you would be really invested in those medical moments.”

The cast of show, originally titled First Cut includes Justin Hartley, Michael Rady, Aja Naomi King, Kelly McCreary and Necar Zadegan, all of whom appeared on today’s panel. Former Smallville co-star and heartthrob Hartley was the fans’ choice to reprise his Smallville role as the Green Arrow in the new CW series Arrow, featured on a panel this morning.

Hartley said he has not seen the pilot episode of Arrow but added that he had to fight for the part on the medical drama. He said there is no truth to the idea “that I have this mountain of scripts on my desk and I’m choosing, I fought for this like really hard,” he said. He added that at first he was turned down for the part but landed it after his agent recommended that he try again wearing a pair of glasses he doesn’t need, saying: “Glasses make people listen.” Wearing cheap glasses from Rite-Aid, the actor landed the role.

Another casting note: Rady said that there are no plans for him to return to Showtime’s comedy House Of Lies but added: “I would love to go back and pop in and say hi to those people. It was quite a pleasure working on that show. No plans as of yet, but I’m hoping something will pop up.”