According to Classic Media’s website, its properties include Casper The Friendly Ghost, Dick Tracy, Archie, He-Man, Gumby, Voltron and Felix The Cat among many others — all rich fodder to be mined for feature film treatment. The New York Times says DWA is leading the bidding with an offer of more than $150 million, a total that reportedly far surpasses other bidders and is scaring away potential buyers. The paper says Classic doesn’t necessarily own all rights to all the characters in its portfolio, which could complicate matters for any new owner, and some characters are in use elsewhere — like the Lone Ranger at Disney. DreamWorks Animation’s stock is down more than 8% this year. Its most recent release, Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted, has grossed $474 million globally and $204 million domestic since its June 8 opening.