California Fire And Life MovieEXCLUSIVE: Hutch Parker Entertainment has partnered with producer Shane Salerno to develop Savages author’s Don Winslow’s bestselling 2007 thriller California Fire And Life. The producers will be going out to screenwriters and filmmakers shortly.

California Fire And Life tells the story of Jack Wade, once a rising star cop who fell from grace in a scandal and now makes his living as an arson investigator. His cardinal rule is “don’t get involved”, but when Jack sees the charred corpse of a young woman that has been written off as an accident, he becomes obsessed with hunting down the killer. Both Savages and Winslow’s new novel The Kings Of Cool are on the bestseller list.

Savages was recently released by Universal and has been hanging in against big competition, with the $45 million film so far grossing just over $33 million. Warner Brothers is eyeing a 2013 start for Winslow’s spy thriller Satori to star Leonardo DiCaprio as assassin Nicholai Hel from a screenplay by Salerno & Winslow, and Winslow is writing a crime thriller spec script with The Town author Chuck Hogan.

Fox-based Parker is currently producing The Wolverine and recently set up the debut novel The Life List by Lori Nelson Spielman at Fox 2000 and The Curiosity by Stephen Kiernan at 20th Century Fox.

Winslow’s crime novels The Winter Of Frankie Machine and The Power Of The Dog will be the two next two adaptations Salerno plans to shop, followed by Winslow’s Boone Daniels and Neal Carey series, which is being eyed for TV. Winslow’s repped by CAA and The Story Factory.