Looks like a lot of YouTube channel viewers took a vacation from their computers during the holiday week that ended July 11. Total views in the services we track dropped 34% vs the previous period to about 48M, with 72 channels down and 30 up. Although the week had its winners and losers, and the usual shuffles, nobody seemed to make a break-out move. The top 10 channels accounted for 59% of the total views. Rejoining the group were Awesomeness TV (+7 slots to No. 4) and YOMYOMF (+6 to No. 7). The two channels that left the top 10 were Noisey (-5 to No. 14) and Vice (-8 to No. 18).

Those with the biggest gains in views were Shut Up Cartoons (+899,036 to 3.7M), Awesomeness TV (+366,722 to 2.3M), My Music Show (+309,511 to 957,197), Bammo (+267,531 to 441,148), and NOC (+161,021 to 172,621). NOC also made the biggest jump in rank (+47 to No. 48) followed by World of Heroes (+39 to No. 51), Bammo (+38 to No. 21), Sci Show (+21 to No. 19), and then three services that jumped 20 slots: Black Box TV (to No. 44), Spaces TV (No. 38), and Start (No. 23). On the flip side, those with the largest drops in views were Deadline.com parent Penske Media’s ENTV (-2.9M to 2.3M), Sourcefed (-2.8M to 3.7M), WWE Fan Nation (-2.2M to 2.2M), Noisey (-1.7M to 894,266), and Redbull (-1.7M to 1.6M). Declining in rank were Myish (-28 to No. 70), Network A (-26 to No. 60), Bleacher Report (-22 to No. 66), Slatester (-20 to No. 55), Ride Channel (-18 to No. 39) and My Damn Channel (-18 to No. 63).

VidStatsX supplies our data with one exception: YouTube provides views for the shows it funds on Mondo Media. Channels highlighted in beige are the ones that were launched before Google introduced its original channels program in November. Here’s our latest ranking: