There’s a lot of shuffling around, but no YouTube channel made a break-out move in our rankings for the week that ended July 25. Livestrong Woman recorded the biggest jump in rank (+34 to No. 60), but it has been in that neighborhood before. And WWE Fan Nation gained the most views (+1.4M to  4.1M), but not enough to qualify as a personal best. Same with the overall numbers: The Google-funded channels that we track had 61.9M views, up 8% from the previous week, yet less than the group recorded three weeks ago. The top 10 channels accounted for 54% of all views, down slightly from last week. Everyday Health joined the top group, rising 13 slots to No. 9. Machinima Prime — which caught my attention last week when it soared 69 spots to No. 4 — made room by retreating 36 to No. 40.

In addition to WWE Fan Nation, channels with the biggest viewing gains during the week include: parent Penske Media’s ENTV (+1.3M to 4.1M), Everyday Health (+1.0M to 1.6M), Sourcefed (+952,058 to 5.3M), The Onion (+834,447 to 1.2M), and Bammo (+480,871 to 688,362). In the rankings, top gainers after Livestrong Woman were Bammo (+28 to No. 24), Spaces TV (+26 to No. 20), Network A (+19 to No. 45),  The Onion (+17 to No. 14), and NOC (+16 to No. 32). Those losing views include Machinima Prime (-3.0M to 321,819), Shut Up Cartoons (-1.2M to 2.7M), My Music Show (-298,780 to 574,480), World of Heroes (-252,658 to 75,350), and Hello Style Channel (228,068 to 255,359). And channels falling on the chart, after Machinima Prime, are: World of Heroes (-34 to No. 72), Hello Style Channel (-21 to No. 49), Smart Girls (-16 to No. 77), The Chopra Well (-13 to No. 76) and My Music Show (-13 to No. 28).

VidStatsX supplies our data with one exception: YouTube provides views for the shows it funds on Mondo Media. Channels highlighted in beige are the ones that were launched before Google introduced its original channels program in November. Here’s our latest ranking: