EXCLUSIVE… 3RD UPDATE: Warner Bros Pictures’ and Legendary Pictures‘ 2D The Dark Knight Rises began its international release Thursday by “dominating everywhere”, according to my sources. I’ve learned the foreign gross so far is an incredible $10.4M from only 9 countries. This is 83% higher than 2008’s The Dark Knight in the same markets. (Not calculating for inflation and higher ticket prices.)

The 3 key territories that opened today were:

Australia: AUD$3.66M (US$3.74M) from 628 screens. That’s 60% ahead of The Dark Knight‘s opening day. “This is particularly spectacular considering that today is not a holiday versus TDK’s holiday opening day,” an exec tells me. As good as Chris Nolan’s Batpic finale’s opening day is, it was well below Marvel’s The Avengers, which smashed the Australian box office on its opening day of release with a record breaking AUD$6M (USD$6.2M). Of course Avengers was 3D and also opened on one of Australia’s biggest public holidays: ANZAC. Whereas The Dark Knight Rises opening didn’t include a holiday.

Korea: KRW 3.15b (US$2.7m) from 1059 screens, which is 131% higher than The Dark Knight‘s opening.

Taiwan: NT$ 26.3m (US$878k) from 228 screens, which is 175% ahead of The Dark Knight.

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PREVIOUS 7:15 PM: Sydney-based Deadline contributor Don Groves reports that The Dark Knight Rises blazed into Australia’s cinemas and IMAX, grossing in excess of AUD$3.5M in its first day on screens and  making it the #1 movie in the country. (Marvel’s The Avengers, which smashed the Australian box office on its opening day of release, took in a record breaking AUD$6M (USD$6.2M). That was the #2  all-time opening behind Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2‘s AUD$7M.) Chris Nolan’s Batman finale was released Down Under on Thursday to mostly rave reviews by the local film critics. This was its first foreign rollout.

Warner Bros this coming weekend is releasing The Dark Knight Rises into only 17 international markets, representing 6,300 screens. These include 4 of the Top Ten movie markets: UK, Spain, Australia, and Korea. The Dark Knight Rises already has taken £1 million in advance booking at BFI IMAX, breaking all previous sales records.

The studio will open another 40 markets over the second weekend and include all major markets with the exception of Italy (August) and China where The China Film Group, which sets release dates for U.S. films, wants to pit The Dark Knight Rises against Sony’s The Amazing Spider-Man on August 30th. “That August date is not written in stone, and we are in talks with China Film to find a date that works for everybody,” a Warner Bros exec tells Deadline. “Warner Bros would never not release the film in China.” In total overseas, the film is projected to show on approximately 20,000 foreign screens.