There might be a Fringe movie, at least if members of the cast have their way. “The film is very possible down the line,” John Noble said today at the show’s Comic-Con panel. “The show will live on in some form or another,” added fellow cast member Joshua Jackson. It was Fringe’s last turn at Comic-Con today but if the packed Hall H was any indication the fans certainly don’t want the sci-fi series to even think about ending. That dedication was evident right near the beginning of the session as hundreds in the crowd held up print out of white tulips in tribute to the show’s 18th episode and the flower’s role as a symbol of forgiveness. Beyond the actor’s speculation and fond hopes, not a lot was revealed in where things were going in season five or down the line.

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“It’s only 13 episodes so I’m going to be careful with what I say because I really want you guys to experience it. I’m going to be tight lipped,” said executive producer J. H. Wyman near the end of the session. The panel today included Wyman as well as cast members Anna Torv, Jackson, Lance Reddick, Jasika Nicole and Noble. Blair Brown was supposed to be there but it was announced she couldn’t make it due to a cold. The panel started off with a 5-minute video, which mixed footage from season four and the upcoming final season five, which debuts in late September. The video showed the universe-jumping series moving to the future and the series Fringe Division main characters coming out of an Amber state of animation for the final battle with the Observers, drew cheers almost from the get-go.

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The video also showed the daughter of Jackson’s Peter Bishop character and Torv’s Olivia Dunham character, who was pregnant near the end of season four. Wyman reveled that the preview the crowd saw today was actually the sales tool they used to get Fringe one last season and a 13-episode order. Wyman told the fans that the new season is “going to pick up exactly where we left off in 419, the next day.” The EP also revealed that he worked out the show’s conclusion about “two or three months ago” and unlike past seasons, he “let the case in on what’s going to happen.” He wanted the actors to have “enough time to know where we and they are going.” Jackson added, “just as you guys want the show to end well we want the show to end well,” Wyman made a point of thanking the fans but also the network for not cancelling the show despite it’s “middling numbers.” “Yea, Fox, you have to really say thank you, Wyman said. The producer added, “we tend to forget it’s a business but they stuck with us.” The fifth and final season of Fringe debuts on September 28.

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