Comic-Con Community“It’s a strange transition time” at Community, series star Joel McHale said this morning on the sidelines of Comic-Con ahead of the NBC show’s panel presentation. The sudden departure of series creator-showrunner Dan Harmon from the comedy was not what McHale wanted. “Dan created the show, Dan gave me the role of a lifetime,” McHale said. “I wanted Dan back.” Joking about NBC briefing him on what to say about Harmon, McHale also called new showrunners David Guarascio and Moses Port “terrific guys” and stressed how comfortable he was working with them Joel McHale Comic-Con Community(the cast — all of whom are returning for the next season including Chevy Chase — has not started production since Harmon was fired). McHale also joked about how Community was going to be different but the same with the showrunner gone. “It’s like having a pool full of chlorine switched to salt water — its still water,” he said. “Maybe I’m speaking too soon,” he added, “we’ve done nothing yet.” McHale said the real indication will come later this summer. “August 13 is our first day of shooting and the Monday before that is our first table read, so we’ll see then,” he said.

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