Breaking Bad is heading to Germany in the second episode of the new season, showrunner Vince Gilligan said today. Gilligan also told the Comic-Con crowd that audiences should expect more German accents than Spanish accents this upcoming season based on some financial deals that Walter White has made. He also said the White character finally does something that removes all sympathy for the character. “This season is all about winning and staying on top,” he added. “As we wind down to 16 episodes, we’re cranking it up,” said star Bryan Cranston. He also noted that Sunday’s opener is “not violent but intellectual.” His onscreen partner in crime Aaron Paul, whose catchphrase of the opening episode “magnets, bitch” he revealed, described the new season as “eerie”. That wasn’t all the audience learned about the upcoming season. Two days before the Season 5 debut of AMC’s Breaking Bad, the crowd tonight at Comic-Con got a glimpse of what’s to come. If the gunplay in the short preview they showed in Ballroom 20 this evening is any indication, the opener might not be so violent but the new season of Breaking Bad is going to be very, very violent. Also new characters will be added, and the Skinny Pete character played by Charles Baker is coming back. The preview showed that Walter White’s cooking meth again and his wife Skylar is on board. And after an initial attempt at killing Walt for the death of Gus at the end of season four, Mike Ehrmantraut has joined him and Jesse Pinkman.

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Lastly, there was a brief shot of Walter from inside the trunk of a car in what looked like a beard. That shot Cranston said was very revealing. Those snippets and clues got a cheer from the crowd but the appearance of the panel members brought a roar. It started with executive producer and showrunner Gilligan, followed by Anna Gunn, who plays Skylar, Betsy Brandt, R. J. Mitte, who playsComic-Con Walt and Skylar’s son, and Jonathan Banks who plays Mike. Dean Norris, who plays Hank, the DEA agent who is also Walt’s brother-in-law, came out in a black wig, studs and leather that looked more Game of Thrones than Breaking Bad.

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Stars Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul who entered in their bright yellow cooking outfits and masks followed that. Of course, if you were looking for someone to really spill details and plots about what is going to happen as the show enters its final two seasons, this was not your panel. Gilligan did say that he would not kill off Paul’s Jesse, or at least not as originally planned before the actor was cast. “There’s hope,” quipped Cranston to big laughs. Banks wouldn’t reveal anything about the upcoming season. “No, cause Vince gave me a whole list of things I can’t talk about,” he said. Before taking questions from the audience, the cast and Gilligan joked that people should change to their cable company if they have Dish. The company has dumped AMC over a dispute over carriage fees. To counter the move, AMC has said it will stream Sunday’s season opener online.