EXCLUSIVE: Benderspink’s Chris Bender, Jake Weiner, and JC Spink have teamed with Armory Films’ Chris Lemole, Billy Asher Rosenfeld, and Tim Zajaros to create a partnership to finance low-budget genre movies costing $3 million or less. Armory/Benderspinkweiner starts with a film finance fund, a small development fund, and a preliminary slate of pictures. The new company will fall under Benderspink’s first look deal with New Line.

Benderspink made its entry into low-budget filmmaking with Bloodloss, a vampire film that starts production this fall, and was financed with Caliber Media and Simplicity Media. Benderspink just set up Lockdown At Franklin High, a low-budget effort scripted by Gregg Bishop and Joe Ballarini, which they are producing at Columbia with Platinum Dunes. Benderspink teamed with Armory on the Howard J. Ford-directed Indelible, a supernatural thriller.

The initial Armory/Benderspinkweiner slate looks like this:

* The Channel: a horror movie in which the last rail car of the Eurostar/English Channel train comes loose, trapping the passengers underground with mysterious creatures trying to fight their way into the railcar.

* Flight 1467: takes place entirely on a plane where a practice run for a 9/11 type event by terrorists is being watched by 7 federal air marshals on the plane. The passengers are caught in between.

* J-Tac: a man charged with spotting drone aircraft must flee as 25 terrorist survivors seek vengeance for a drone attack he helped engineer.

* 3 Weeks: About a photographer who discovers that his developed pictures show the future. When pictures of a horrifying event are developed, there are only three weeks to stop the attack.

* The Valiant: the story of the only ship to escape the zombie plague of North America, and its quest to find a safe haven from the hungry corpses. First, they must find the zombies loose on the ship.

Benderspink’s productions include The Incredible Burt Wonderstone and We’re The Millers at New Line, and The Hangover 3 at Warner Bros. Armory Films was founded in late 2011 by Lemole and Zajaros, who met while working at UTA, and producer/screenwriter Rosenfeld.