AMC Entertainment passed up the opportunity to share its side of its dispute with  before we ran our in-depth account of the fascinating behind-the-scenes story on Monday. MovieTickets and its backers — Hollywood Media and National Amusements — filed a breach of contract suit against AMC in Florida tied to its February decision to move its online ticketing business to Fandango. But the No. 2 exhibition company has had second thoughts. It provided us with a statement this evening. AMC says that it was “entitled” to terminate its ticketing arrangement with MovieTickets, which it co-founded — a claim that the venture disputes. The statement doesn’t address the many details we cited from the second amended complaint. Nor does it deal with a key charge: that AMC executives who sat on MovieTickets’ board violated their fiduciary responsibilities to their partners by privately working to undermine the venture. Here’s AMC’s response in full:

“Deadline’s recent article merely repeats the many desperate, false and unsubstantiated claims has made in the litigation. The truth is AMC proposed several ways to make the relationship work for both AMC Theatres and by modernizing the business model and improving the customer experience around buying tickets for a movie. Unfortunately, we were unable to reach an agreement, and AMC terminated its ticketing arrangement with as it was entitled to do. AMC has been, is and will in the future remain focused on its unwavering commitment to provide its guests the best possible ticket buying and moviegoing experience.”