With a view to enabling Amazon customers worldwide to watch online content wherever, whenever and however they want, the company has announced the creation of a new London design and development hub. Amazon will put teams from its subscription movie service, Lovefilm, and its interactive TV agency, Pushbutton, under one roof where they will create new interactive digital services for TVs, game consoles, smartphones and PCs. The Digital Media Development Center, according to managing director Paula Byrne, will “develop the next generation of TV and film services for a wide range of digital devices.” She further told Bloomberg that the goal is to ensure “every single person who is an Amazon customer wolrdwide is able to get to watch content where and when they want it, on the device they want it and to a very good standard.” The software developers and engineers who’ll be stationed at the new center previously worked on Lovefilm Instant, a service that provides members with unlimited streaming on over 280 internet-enabled devices. Before it was acquired by Amazon, Pushbutton provided interactive services to such heavyweights as Sky, ITV, Disney and National Geographic. Lovefilm is Europe’s leading movie subscription service and operates in the UK, Germany, Sweden, Denmark and Norway. Today’s announcement is one of the first new business developments to be publicly tied to the start of the London Olympics this week. Although the news has little to do with the Olympics on the surface, London mayor Boris Johnson jumped on the opportunity to comment: “We know we have the talent, the space and infrastructure to make the most of the digital economy – this will be my prime message during Games-time, as I seek to woo even more companies for the capital, delivering jobs and growth for Londoners.”