Scripted entertainment channel Wigs had a breakout week following the introduction on June 11 of its second series, Blue. The drama stars Julia Stiles as a single mom trying to prevent her son from discovering her secret life as an escort. The channel had 3.5M views in the week that ended on June 20, up 2.2M from the previous week. That made it the No. 4 channel on our tally, up from No. 10. Not including a change we made for Mondo Media — explained below — the total number of views for the services we monitor was up 3.5% to 57.2M with the top 10 channels accounting for a little more than 59% of all views, down four percentage points from the previous week. No change in the channels that made the top 10 although, per usual, there was a little shuffling in the order.

In addition to Wigs, channels gaining views included The Pet Collective (+781,890 to 1.2M ), The Warner Sound (+627,650 to 5.6M), Car and Driver (+579,065 to 938,870), and I Am Other (+502,476 to  829,706). Measured by rank, those making the biggest jumps were American Hipster (No. 43, +26), I Am Other (No. 17, +22), Car and Driver (No. 14, +21), The Pet Collective (No. 12, +17), and Food Farmer Earth (No. 62, +16). On the flip side, channels with the biggest drops in views were Sourcefed (-909,880 to 6M), ENTV — owned by Deadline parent Penske Media — (-871,061 to 2.6M), Nerdist (-739,482 to 161,702), Motor Trend (-596,047 to 2M), and SB Nation (-403,225 to 397,251). Those losing the most ground by rank were Nerdist (No. 57, -43), Kick (No. 47, -23), The Moms View (No. 66, -16), SB Nation (No. 31, -14), and Digs (No. 81, -14).

VidStatsX supplies our data — with one exception: We changed the way we account for views on Mondo Media, jumping it to No. 19 from 81. Previously we just counted views for one of its services, Mondo Beyondo, which is supported by YouTube. (That’s the criterion for being included on this list.) But Mondo Media is a special case because while YouTube doesn’t support the channel itself, Google’s video service does fund some of its shows. Beginning this week, we are using YouTube-provided data that accounts for the views on Mondo Media for videos that YouTube supports. Since we don’t have comparable data for its “Total Views,” we decided to go with a figure (more than 1.2B) that includes all views for MondoMedia’s funded and unfunded programming. This is a work in progress; don’t be surprised if we make additional tweaks to make our list as accurate and useful as possible.

Channels highlighted in beige are the ones that were launched before Google introduced its original channels program in November. Here’s our latest ranking: