Ray William Johnson WMEEXCLUSIVE: WME has signed Ray William Johnson in a competitive situation among several agencies. The Ray William Johnson Channel is the most subscribed channel on YouTube, with more than 5 million subscribers and over 1.8 billion views. Providing twice-weekly commentary and frequent criticism on viral videos, Johnson created the online show Equals Three in 2008. Johnson’s channel is part of the Maker Studios Online Network for which he continues to produce online content. Johnson also has, after Rihanna’s Vevo channel, the second-most-subscribed music channel on YouTube, YourFavoriteMartian. Since the animated video channel’s launch in early 2011, he has released 30 original songs and a couple of cover tunes. He has sold more than 1 million singles on iTunes. Using his online success as a launching pad, WME plans to build the 30-year-old out in multiple areas. He will continue to be managed by 3 Arts.