The producers of the 2009 mega-flop Transylmania (aka Dorm Daze III) have been sued for allegedly failing to repay nearly $22M obtained in financing for the film. Third Eye Capital filed the suit (read it here) today in LA Superior Court alleging fraud and breach of contract. According to the suit, producers Scott and David Hillenbrand perpetrated a fraudulent scheme to obtain the financing, failed to repay the money and used much of it for personal expenses. The film was branded a vampire spoof based on the popular Twilight franchise and HBO’s True Blood, but had no relation to either, according to the suit. Hill & Brand Productions, Hill & Brand Entertainment, among others, are named in the complaint. Representing the Hillenbrands, attorney Kim Swartz of Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp responded: “This is a completely meritless lawsuit. The plaintiffs saw the finished film numerous times before they chose to invest. In any event, David and Scott Hillenbrand and their team … did everything they could to try to get their investors a return on their investment, even to the Hillenbrands’ own financial detriment.” Additionally Kurtz noted that “the Hillenbrands look forward … to prosecuting their own claims.”