One of the main reasons Variety is currently for sale is that it’s no longer read by the Hollywood community. And one of the main reasons for that is because it’s no longer trusted by the Hollywood community. That’s what happens when a trade can’t report accurately by printing rumor as fact or spinning bullshit as news. So The Hunger Games producer Nina Jacobson has come to me to set the record straight about what she called ‘Variety’s 50 Shades Of Bullshit’. Variety on Thursday claimed Jacobson and her banner Color Force were not just on a shortlist but the frontrunners in the 50 Shades Of Grey derby to produce the Universal/Focus Features movie of the bestselling book. Jacobson calls the Variety article “totally false. While it is flattering to read that I am a frontrunner for 50 Shades Of Grey, the truth is that I am not in the mix, have not met with anyone, nor do I have plans to pursue it. Color Force is in full swing on a number of projects but I wish great success to whomever lands what has become one of the most sought-after films in development.” FYI, this is yet another error from one Variety jackass whose reporting is regularly wrong and has generated myriad complaints from the Hollywood community. But the trade does nothing to rein him in. The result is that the reputation of the entire publication keeps getting more tarnished and less respected.