Netflix, Instagram and Pinterest services in the Northeast were interrupted last night when Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud in Northern Virginia went offline because of severe thunderstorms, Forbes reports. Amazon EC2 servers handle web traffic for numerous companies in addition to those mentioned. Service was disrupted at around 11:21 PM Eastern time according to Amazon: “We are investigating connectivity issues for a number of instances in the US-EAST-1 Region.” Affected users aired complaints on Twitter and Facebook. Storms that caused the outages also knocked out power in broad swaths from Indiana to New Jersey, according to the Washington Post. Netflix appeared to be back online as of 1:15 am Eastern time. Mashable reports that Pinterest, Instagram (whose pending purchase by Facebook awaits regulatory approval) and Heroku were still down this morning in some areas. Amazon reported most services had been restored before dawn Eastern time. Last night’s outage follows a 6 1/2-hour outage on Amazon’s EC2 two weeks ago. Forbes pointed out that one of the selling points of “cloud computing” is that there are redundancies to prevent just such occurrences.