A single show can make huge difference in the fast-evolving world of YouTube channels. For example, look at My Damn Channel’s Daddy Knows Best starring Steve Rannazzisi of FX’s The League. The publicity surrounding the introduction on Wednesday of the sixth episode of the comedy series propelled so much catch-up viewing that My Damn Channel leaped 40 positions to become the 18th most watched channel for the week ending June 13.  MDC’s weekly views were up 428% to 682,321. That came in a week when total views among the channels we monitor was up 6% to 55.3M. Most of that is concentrated at the top: The 10 most-viewed channels accounted for 63% of the weekly tally, and 28% of the week’s growth.  Things were pretty stable within the top 10, except for the inclusion of Wigs at No. 10 (+8) with 1.3M views (+129%) — dropping Noisey one place to 11.

In addition to MDC, the week’s big gainers by rank include SB Nation (to No. 17, +29), Black Box TV (No. 26, +19), American Hipster (No. 69, +18), and I Am Other (No.39, +17). Measured by increased viewing, The Warner Sound continued its three week growth spurt (+981,051 to 4.9M), and SB Nation bounced back (+580,591 to 800,476). Others moving up include the previous week’s break-out channel, YOMYOMF Network (+484,734 to 1.8M), and ENTV — owned by Deadline parent Penske Media — (+421,062 to 3.5M). Channels with the biggest drops by rank included Spaces TV (No. 61, -26), Look (No. 51, -21), and The Thrash Lab (No. 62, -21). Decliners in views were led by Sourcefed (-1.2M to 6.9M), Shut Up Cartoons (-680,763 to 3.6M), The Pet Collective (-355,378 to 434,235), and Look (-218,390 to 160,527).

VidStatsX supplies our data. One change to the layout this week: We reversed the color scheme so the channels highlighted in beige now are the ones that were launched before Google introduced its original channels program in November. Here’s our latest ranking: