EXCLUSIVE … UPDATE: I’ve just learned that the American Federation Of Musicians is picketed Marvel Studios in Manhattan Beach until 3 PM today to protest studios going overseas to score their movies. It’s a commonplace practice, but that doesn’t make it right. Marvel went overseas to score The Avengers, and the AFM is rightfully pissed. Accordig to the ‘Film Musicians For Fairness’ pamphlets distributed by AFM at the protest, “The Avengers was filmed in New Mexico and Ohio, with $30 million in U.S. tax rebates. But the music was scored in Europe, hiring foreign musicians under the table and on the cheap, robbing U.S. musicians of their jobs. We don’t think that’s fair. We ask this of Disney CEO Bob Iger and Marvel head Kevin Feoge: How many billions must your companies earn before Marvel will score its film music here at home.” Going to Europe to make The Avengers score means the production didn’t have to make contributions to American musicians’ pension and health care as well as residual payments. These contributions and payments were receive by all the talent and production crew that worked on the movie, according to the AFM. Marvel is scheduled to start filming this month on Iron Man 3 in North Carolina, another state with generous tax credits and rebates. Let’s hope that the music scoring doesn’t get sent overseas on that film, too.