George Clooney is raising more money for Barack Obama — but in Geneva this time, not Hollywood. After a May 10 dinner at his LA home raised a record-breaking $15 million for the president’s reelection campaign, Clooney is now set to star at another soiree for Obama in Switzerland. The Americans Abroad event, announced on the Obama campaign’s website, is scheduled for August 27. Obama will not be attending. Tickets range from $1,000 each for the reception and $5000 for a photo reception that is expected to have about 150 guests. A more private dinner will cost $20,000 for a individual ticket and $30,000 per couple. The reception and dinner will be hosted by the campaign’s Euro outreach co-president Charles C. Adams Jr and Matthew Barzun. The location has not been determined, according to the campaign. The news today comes as Young Hollywood — and, with David Fincher and Peter Frampton on board, not-so-young Hollywood — prepare for an event for Obama set for tonight at LA’s Soho House. The president will not be in attendance as he was at Clooney’s house or for lucrative fundraisers at Glee creator Ryan Murphy’s place on June 7 and Sarah Jessica Parker’s NYC home on June 14.