Comcast predicts advertising within video-on-demand programming to increase tenfold within the next 12 months, according to Multichannel News. Chip Meehan, Comcast Spotlight’s West regional vice president of integrated media sales said “We have 400 million monthly VOD views on Comcast. I’d love to have a dollar for every view.” Meehan was addressing a panel at the Multichannel News/B&C 4th annual On Demand Summit yesterday in New York City. Meehan predicted a big upswing in VOD advertising revenue as the cable giant completes licensing agreements with programming providers. Referring to Comcast’s sweeping deal with The Walt Disney Co. struck earlier this year, he added “If Comcast and Disney can figure it out you can assume we’ll figure it out with others.” Some 320 million VOD views on Comcast are free TV content. Meehan suggested that if half those were from cable programmers, “that’s 160 million impressions per month. That times 40 bucks starts to be a pretty big business.”