UPDATE: SAG-AFTRA reports that the union has reached an agreement with Cimarron and has received an initial payment. SAG-AFTRA says “We are working out details and have nothing further on that at this time.” The union will issue a return-to-work advisory as soon as final details are solidified.

PREVIOUSLY: SAG-AFTRA warns members that Cimarron Productions Inc. aka The Cimarron Group is in default of its respective SAG and AFTRA Agreements for failure to make payments of compensation to performers as well as contributions to pension and health plans under the Agreement and Health and Retirement contributions due under the AFTRA Agreement. SAG-AFTRA says members should not provide services to Cimarron till further notice. If members are owed compensation and have not arleady contacted SAG-AFTRA, the union urges that they immediately contact Elizabeth Moseley at (323) 549-6821 (elizabeth.moseley@sagaftra.org) for work under the SAG Agreement or Treslyn Williams at (323) 634-8163 (treslyn.williams@sagaftra.org) for work under the AFTRA Agreement.