The music performing rights organization and local TV station rep the Television Music License Committee have agreed in principle to a plan regarding fees local U.S. stations pay to use ASCAP-protected songs on their broadcasts. The proposed seven-year deal is retroactive to January 2010 and lasts until the end of 2016. The blanket license covers primary broadcasts, digital multicasts, Internet websites, and emerging wireless, mobile, and other digital platforms. The pact also allows for access to license documents online. “This agreement reflects the environment local broadcasters face in the 21st century: intense competition from cable, the Internet and other media; reduced audiences; and use of both broadcast and new media to reach our viewers with the news, information and entertainment programming they expect from us,” said TMLC chair Chuck Sennet, whose committee represents 1200 local stations. ASCAP oversees royalties on more than 8.5 million musical works.