Veteran voice-over agents-turned-managers, Marc Guss of Alpha Entertainment and Phil Sutfin of Flatirons Creative Management, are merging their companies to form Alta Creative Management. Guss and Sutfin, who began their careers in the mid-1990s working together as agents at SEM&M, went on to oversee commercial voice-overs at WMA and ICM in New York, respectively. Guss is bringing with him to the new company clients Jim Birdsall, Scott Graham and Earl Mann, the voices of NFL Films; Jim Birdsall, the voice of CNBC; and Scott Graham, the voice of Showtime’s Inside The NFL. Clients coming with Sutfin include Drew Birns, the voice of The Daily Show; and Rafael Ferrer, top promo voice-over talent. Additionally, ACM just signed Sirius XM’s Covino and Rich.