Vince Vaughn is in negotiations to star in DreamWorks’ remake of the 2011 French-Canadian drama Starbuck, which premiered at last year’s Toronto festival. The film is about an immature middle-age man who discovers he has fathered over 530 children throughout the years through sperm donations. When 142 of his offspring file a class-action lawsuit to reveal their Dad’s identity, the man — known only as Starbuck on the donation forms — must decide whether he is going to become a real father. Ken Scott, who directed and co-wrote the French-language original, is on board for the remake, as is original producer Andre Rouleau. Vaughn has a pretty full slate this year. His sci-fi comedy The Watch, co-starring Ben Stiller and Jonah Hill, is coming out July 27. The actor is also reuniting with Wedding Crashers co-star Owen Wilson for The Internship. Additionally, Vaughn is set to star in a big-screen version of The Rockford Files for Universal, and the actor has a number of TV projects, including a comedy with Tony Danza, that he is producing.