Howard J. Ford, whose $150,000 budget zombie film The Dead grossed $10 million worldwide, will follow with Indelible, a supernatural thriller that has been acquired by newly formed Armory Films. The film will begin shooting in September as a coproduction between Armory and Mugshot Films. Ford wrote the script and while he’s keeping the plot under wraps, he has high hopes it will make an indelible impression on the supernatural genre.

Indelible will not be just any supernatural thriller in the way some think a film like this will play out,” Ford said. “When they get to the end of this movie, audiences will not only have felt tension and fear, but I want it to drive thoughts in a way that will hit hard in the heard and stay there long after the credits roll.” Armory was formed by Christopher Lemole, Billy Asher Rosenfeld and Tim Zajaros. They will produce with Mugshot’s Mark Andrews. Ford is repped by Gersh.