Rupert Murdoch seems to have had some time on his hands over the last few days, and you know what that means: He’s tweeting again — giving the public the least-varnished insight possible into the mind of the world’s most powerful media mogul. Per usual, he offered opinions about a wide range of topics from wind power (“Waste of money now and forever”) to his competition (“Digital revenue down at Washington Post and NYT. Up strongly at WSJ. What gives?”). But he seemed especially irked by the reaction on the social network last week to a finding by Parliament’s Culture Media and Sport Committee that his handling of the UK hacking scandal made him “not a fit person to exercise the stewardship of a major international company.” Murdoch said on Saturday: “Seems impossible to have civilised debate on twitter. Ignorant,vicious abuse lowers whole society, maybe shows real social decay.” Channel4News anchor Jon Snow responded: “I find that in life one reaps what one sows…” Murdoch’s reply yesterday: “Once again, I agree. Read transcript of me before Leveson” — a reference to his late April testimony before a UK investigation into the relationship between the government and the press. Murdoch told the inquiry led by Lord Justice Brian Leveson that “someone took charge of a cover-up which we were victim to and I regret.” Another responder to Murdoch’s original tweet said it was “unbelievable coming from you” as the owner of “The Sun, Rupert. The fucking Sun” — one of the UK’s most sensational tabloids. Rupert’s reply: “Don’t buy it, dummy.”