NBCUniversal today announced a $190 million upgrade to its 30 Rockefeller Plaza headquarters and other New York City facilities. The construction, which is scheduled for completion in mid-2014, will see more than 1.2 million square feet of renovation within 30 Rock. That work includes a full upgrade of the building’s office space and production facilities. The work will include the building of a “new state-of-the-art studio control room, and updating critical components of the company’s technical infrastructure, including replacing the Network’s underlying broadcast origination technology, as well as implementing a new studio and production ‘fiber highway,’ ” said NBCUniversal today. “That will enable new production techniques and new productions of all kinds to have their home at 30 Rock and to generate increasing employment through the five boroughs of the city,” NBCUniversal EVP Rick Cotton said. Other construction at 30 Rock, which houses NBC News and Saturday Night Live among others, includes the building of a new two-story commissary. NBCUniversal says the new commissary should be completed by the end of the year; CEO Steve Burke was on hand today for the symbolic knocking down of a wall to begin that work. Construction also will be undertaken at the company’s leased offices at 1212 Avenue of the Americas, where NBCUniversal has nearly 245,000 square feet of space. During the construction there will be, Deadline has learned, some temporary relocation of offices but not of shows from 30 Rock. Last year it was announced that NBC Sports was leaving its 30 Rock offices for new digs in Stamford, Conn., to take advantage of state tax incentives there.