Happy Endings ScheduleOriginally ordered for next summer but also considered for the upcoming season, ABC‘s racy new soap Mistresses will launch next May for a summer run, ABC’s Paul Lee said during a press call this morning. It will likely premiere on Monday after The Bachelorette.

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Also on the call, Lee addressed the decision to move Happy Endings and Don’t Trust The B— to Tuesdays against Fox’s New Girl after the two launched in the protected post-Modern Family slot. Lee said both shows have passionate audiences that would follow them to the new night. As for pitting them against other comedies, especially New Girl, Lee said, “I do think there is room on the networks for big ratings” for multiple series in the same slot. Opting not to put a comedy against New Girl last year but to do it this fall with Happy Endings is not a suggestion that ABC feels New Girl is getting weaker but confidence that Happy Endings “can open a comedy block at 9 PM on Tuesday,” Lee said.

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Hulk ABCThe only property from Disney-owned Marvel still in active development at ABC is Hulk, which was set up 1 1/2 years ago with Guillermo del Toro and David Eick attached. Lee said the project will be in consideration for the next pilot cycle. I hear del Toro is still on board. ABC has passed on the Aka Jessica Jones adaptation; its writer, Twilight‘s Melissa Rosenberg, has a new series on ABC, Red Widow.

ABC’s new Sunday lineup features fairytale breakout Once Upon A Time followed by dark soap Revenge and new spooky drama 666 Park Ave about evil spirits inhabiting a New York apartment building. What is the theme that brought the three shows together? “It’s battle between good and evil from 8 PM all the way to 11 PM,” Lee said. 666 Park Ave. was one of three “magical” pilots ABC ordered as potential companion pieces to Once. Of them, 666 was the darkest and felt more suitable for 10 PM.

As for ABC’s entire lineup for next season, Lee’s tagline is “Why just watch when you can feel,” which he says emphasizes the network series’ emotional connection.

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