The day before Clear Channel‘s shareholder meeting in San Antonio, Texas, the National Hispanic Media Coalition delivered over 16,000 signatures to the company’s board of directors demanding that Clear Channel remove John Kobylt and Kenneth Chiampou from KFI AM in Los Angeles. Despite having what NHMC calls a “zero tolerance” policy that prohibits discrimination, the organization says Clear Channel Radio exhibits a pattern of hateful rhetoric, particularly on The John and Ken Show. The coalition accuses Clear Channel of a “pattern of hate profiteering, and particularly its blatant disregard for the atmosphere of hate and intolerance that John and Ken are breeding in the Los Angeles area.” A letter accompanying the signatures says the company fails to abide by its own policy and allows Kobylt and Chiampou “to repeatedly release the private contact information of private figures, leading to hundreds of death threats and harassing phone calls from Clear Channel listeners.” According to the letter, the pair’s targets include skilled workers who happen to be “people of color and the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community”. The letter says more than 30 companies have pulled advertising from The John And Ken Show. Clear Channel and its Premiere Networks faced a similar controversy when advertisers were spooked by public outcry over comments Rush Limbaugh made about a law student seeking health insurance coverage of contraceptives.

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