Sean Hannity Fox News ContractLeading Fox News anchor Sean Hannity has closed a new multi-year deal with the cable news network to continue as the host of Hannity. The pact extends his tenure at Fox News past the 20-year mark; Hannity has been with the network since its October 1996 launch. “In true Roger Ailes form, he saw something in me that no one else did and afforded me the opportunity to achieve incredible success,” Hannity said of Fox News chairman and CEO Roger Ailes.

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At Fox News, Hannity originally co-hosted Hannity & Colmes. In 2008, he became the solo host of the program, which was re-named Hannity, while Alan Colmes became a Fox News liberal commentator. Currently averaging more than 2.1 million viewers, Hannity beats CNN and MSNBC combined in viewership and is the second-most-watched show in cable news behind Fox News’ The O’Reilly Factor. Apart from Larry King, Hannity is the only cable news host to hold the same primetime slot for the last 15 years.