UPDATE 9 PM: Lionsgate today officially announced China’s approval for an early June release of The Hunger Games nationwide.  The blockbuster has already grossed nearly $620 million worldwide and now enters one of the fastest-growing international territories. The film will be released with both dubbed and subtitled prints by The China Film Group in conjunction with Lionsgate’s promotional partner, Talent International. This is among the first Hollywood studio films released in China under the new revenue sharing agreement announced in February that allows Western distributors to collect up to 25% of a film’s receipts in China.

Saturday 12:45 PM: The Hunger Games will play in China. Lionsgate received permission from the Chinese government to release the blockbuster movie in the world’s third-biggest movie market, Bloomberg reports. Hunger Games has grossed more than $605 million worldwide without a release in China, which is becoming more important to U.S. movie-makers as the country builds more theatres. Box Office in China swelled to $2 billion in 2011.

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