Fox Bridge Social MediaFox Entertainment chairman Peter Rice pitched a sales effort called The Bridge that he says will offer “tailored solutions” and track social activity around its shows 24/7. “Think of it as your bridge from our on-air to your digital and social” impressions. Sales president Toby Byrne noted that Hulu is included in upfront deals. About 20% of the audience for Fox’s New Girl watches off-air. “Our business is not limited to television anymore….Calling network TV ‘traditional’ is a misnomer.” What’s more, broadcasts to platforms including VOD and Xbox game consoles will offer “an environment you can trust with the fast-forward button disabled.” He also urged advertisers to focus on “our concentration of viewers under 40.” Rice says that digital video providers such as a Google and Yahoo, which are also competing for TV ad dollars, will “find us a little like, welcome to the NFL.”

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