Bill Benenson has teamed with cinematographer Steve Elkins for a documentary about the search for a legendary lost city in Honduras. The Dirt! The Movie filmmaker and the Emmy-winning Elkins will co-direct and co-produce the documentary. Venture Technologies Investment Group founder Gary Spire will executive produce. Shot over two decades in the Central American country, the doc also utilizes recently developed aerial laser imaging to survey the vast Mosquitia jungle region. The LiDAR tech was able to see through the thick rain forest growth. The result, Benenson tells Deadline, reveals “hidden manmade structures” and “lost remains” in the area rumored to once have been the home of the fabled city of Ciudad Blanca. The legend of the Mosquito Coast river valley’s White City, so named for its supposed white rock buildings, has grown over the centuries since conquistador Hernan Cortes first heard of it in 1526. Benenson’s feature film Dirt! The Movie, narrated by Jamie Lee Curtis, was a 2009 Sundance Film Festival Selection. The film had its TV premiere on Earth Day 2010 on PBS’s Independent Lens. The film recently played at the Beijing International Film Festival as one of only two chosen American documentaries.