EXCLUSIVE: Sunrise Pictures and Pitbull Pictures are getting underway with The Trials of Cate McCall, with Kate Beckinsale, Nick Nolte and James Cromwell starring. Karen Moncrieff is directing her script and production has just started in Los Angeles with Sunrise Pictures’ Peter Schafer and Pitbull Pictures’ Moncrieff and Eric Karten producing and financing. Jim Klock and Joe Dain of Sunrise Pictures will act as executive producers. WME Global will be managing domestic sales.

“Cate McCall is a labor of love for us,” Karten said. “We’re thrilled to have partners who contribute not only their tremendous resources and expertise, but a level of passion that matches our own. Sunrise just plain rocks.”

Beckinsale plays a former hotshot prosecutor who threw her career away when she became an addict. Hoping to regain credibility and win custody of her estranged daughter, the lawyer takes on the appeal of a wrongly convicted murderess. She battles crooked cops, a broken system, and her own demons.